Creating a Booking, Management System, and Payment Portal for One-of-a-kind Vacation Rentals

How We Helped

Web-design, Booking Solutions, Unified Inbox


Overview of What We Ended Up Doing

The Park is a collection of five distinct vacation rentals on St. Simons Island, GA. Redesigned from the ground up, these bespoke vacation rentals needed a modern booking and digital management system to lower ongoing management costs and marketing challenges. In order to attract the targeted design-oriented clients, The Park required a sleek guest experience with a modern booking platform.

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Information to fill in what the number is telling you

The Challenge

The Park is a single line of business among a portfolio of design related business ventures. Its owners knew that in order to utilize their existing staff, manage the properties remotely, and maintain a guest experience people would love they needed a modern automated solution that integrated marketing, booking, cleaning and payment collections.

The Solution

To ensure the guest experience remained modern, positive, and intentional, The Park and IDEA Lab collaborated to create a brand new website consisting of integrated cloud based guest management solutions, channel management (allowing customers to book directly with AirBnb, VRBO, etc), and implemented an environmental monitoring system that integrated with the guest management solutions.

Whether it is communicating with guests from multiple channels, assigning and programming electronic door codes, scheduling and verifying housekeeping, or monitoring units, The Park now manages all aspects of their business remotely with great savings in terms of staffing.