Our Mission

Through thoughtful design, digital products, and marketing, Idea Lab is dedicated to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of compassion, individualized experiences, and integrity.

Our Vision

We believe values are the heartbeat of any great company - our mission is aligned with the core values of Idea Lab’s unique company culture. 

Here are our values expanded.


Human Centered + Thoughtful

The best kind of work? Proactively helping people solve their problems. Our design work therefore focuses directly on what the client is seeking to accomplish. Through empathy and experience, we start by removing as many barriers as possible so we can create an educational and fun experience for all involved. We understand life can get busy and complicated. Our designs, products, and aim is to counter this and not add to the stresses of everyday life.


Personalized + Distinct

In a fast-paced high-tech world, people are craving real human connection and communication. We also know that every project requires different resources. By working together with the client and tailoring our approach, we will ensure all specific needs are met. On top of that, through personalization, we work to remove technology imposed barriers. Only once these barriers are removed and the client has a full breadth of understanding within their digital business, do we consider the project successfully completed.


Principal Driven + Trustworthy

We do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it. It really is that simple. In a world where facts, truth, and representation are up for debate, we strive to build a relationship with our clients based on trust, compassion, and honesty. Regardless of what side of the screen you’re on, you can count on Idea Lab’s integrity and fairness within all aspects of your project - from pricing and programs to functionality and outsourcing.