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"The Times They Are A Changin"

I don't think anyone can argue that 2020 has been a weird year and that no matter how you see the world, things are probably going to be different for a while. People are shopping differently, existing business models are being challenged in this new economy and with more limitations to in-person transactions, having an online home for your business isn't just a good idea, it's crucial.


When we purchased our first home we purchased a 98-year old historic home and I instantly realized I was in a little over my head. Regardless of what I knew and didn't know, I was about to spend a lot of time in the new space. As with any old house, I had a list of 100 things I knew about that needed my attention, and probably another 100 things I hadn't discovered yet.

Since we had committed to living in this house I knew I was going to have to learn some new things and invest in a number of personal tools that would come in handy over the years (we traveled a lot, rented and hadn't begun amassing the usual garage full of home improvement tools). I knew I was going to need new tools, and that there were going to be projects I could do myself and others I would be better off having someone else do  (i.e. refinishing hand cut parquet floors).

The Problem

The problem was the following:

  • I didn't entirely know what I was doing
  • I didn't know what was really that important (or why)
  • I wasn't sure what I could do for myself OR could try but never really want to do ever again (think refinishing hand-cut parquet floors)
  • What was best left up to professionals, for either safety or time saving reasons

Not to mention I didn't know what anything cost or should cost.

Your New Online Home

Beginning to pivot and adapt by moving some or all of your business operations online takes courage and isn't for the faint of heart. Building and maintaining your new digital home will have a learning curve, it's own set of challenges, new tools you'll have to familiarize yourself with and a new set of contractors you may not be familiar with.

In the end, it will become your beloved second home or primary residence, depending on you how you choose to pivot and adapt.

A Resource Guide

Our goal is to help you understand the major parts of your new home, what is important to focus on, what are things you can do yourself and what are projects you may want to consider bringing in help with. We'll also give you our best online resources and links to local professionals who can help fill in the gap when you decide to pull the trigger.


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